We are goldsmiths and we are watchmakers. Both at master level. And we are family.

We have been cultivating the art of watchmaking since 1906. A lot has changed since then. Also in watchmaking. But despite all the good changes, a few things have remained the same: our demand for quality and the joy of precision. Both are passed on from generation to generation and remain alive.

Later, our goldsmiths workshop was added as a second profession. We have been making fine jewelry here since the 1980s. This is beautiful work. Because we let thoughts become matter. With our own hands. We get dirty, have scratches on our hands and sweat. And that’s a good thing, because this slow, sometimes strenuous development process leads to something special: a piece of jewelry with a soul.

On the outskirts of Dresden, between Meissen and Radebeul, lies the small town of Coswig (Saxony). Here we have our goldsmith’s workshop, our watchmaker’s workshop and our showroom. Here we live and work in the fertile tension between old tradition and modern technology.

We work in the fertile tension between old tradition and the most modern technology.

Whether with gold and precious stones or the steady ticking of a clock, we create beauty. That’s a great privilege.